Train the Trainer

The training courses we deliver have been created, developed and improved session on session over more than ten years, becoming the comprehensive Train the Trainer options we now deliver in everything from People Moving and First Aid through to Dementia.

At its core is a 2-day practical, dynamic and engaging course suitable for professionals – at any level – who find themselves with a presentation to give or training to deliver.

These 2 days are the platform for you to then go on and deliver the subject area you need to, whether it be Dementia in 2017, People Moving Instructor Training, or First Aid.

Your subject speciality can either be bolted-on to your 2-day course, or integrated into a bespoke subject-specific course of 3-4 days.

To ensure that you are not a cure for insomnia, and meet the high expectations people have when they go on a course, we base the training that you will receive on the current sessions we deliver to our own team.

All Training should be about enlivening, inspiring, and motivating people, providing them with functional, repeatable skills, and really making the training room a place to enjoy.

Training the Trainer is all about building confidence; confidence that can be built on everyday, and the confidence to know that you can handle whatever is thrown at you – and make it work.

Train the Trainer Course Objectives:

  • Meet people’s needs and expectations
  • Adapt your style and material to suit the situation
  • Handle your delegates’ anxieties and nervousness
  • Work with difficult situations and people
  • Change tack quickly and without fuss
  • Surprise your participants – and yourself
  • Make learning and development engaging and creative

Train the Trainer Day One:

Running the room effectively and using your Personal Style:

  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Identifying your personal training style and staying true to it
  • Working the room
  • Turning the volume up and down
  • Setting the tone
  • Using anecdotes and personal stories to exemplify your training work
  • Knowing how to treat those in the room
  • Animation – knowing when to turn it up and down
  • Dealing with difficult participants and situations

Train the Trainer Day Two:

Seeing what’s really there, what actually going on.

  • Knowing your own behaviour
  • A look at patterns and beliefs
  • Discover your ability to actually see what’s going on in the room
  • ‘Removing’ yourself from proceedings
  • Realising that everyone sees things differently
  • Seeing and dealing with sudden changes within your training environment
  • Recognising and dealing with potentially undermining situations
  • An opportunity to play out or rehearse specific scenarios
  • Designing training sessions and ongoing course development

Thorough training methods for comprehensive trainers:

Being an effective trainer is about enjoying delivery, making a difference to the people in the room and knowing you make that difference. For most of us that’s a work in progress. Which means our delegates are not just set adrift when they complete their initial training.

All delegates receive a core delivery pack which contains a central presentation and associated learner worksheets and relevant course assessment materials, as well as course handouts. It is all on portable media and we licence the material for you to develop and work on in a way that works for you.

This will also give you access to additional course material.

  • Recommended reading and current web-address, social media resources
  • Video links to the material we currently find most up to date and effective
  • Worksheets, presentations and assessment tools that can be adapted for all of your training delivery needs
Course bookings please call: 07734 847 807