This year’s global awareness event takes place on September 21. There are around 850,000 people in the UK living with the condition, and nearly 50M worldwide, making it one of the biggest challenges faced by sufferers, families, and medical services on the planet.

The Alzheimer’s Society have taken a very personal approach to their campaign this year, focusing on the life of an individual, Peter Lyttle. After a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia, at the age of 58, his outlook on life was turned around by the support of the Alzheimer’s Society – and he now dedicates his life to carrying the same message of support that was given to him.

The simple idea behind this campaign is that there are more people like Peter out there, who have yet to hear this message of hope. World Alzheimer’s Day – part of World Alzheimer’s Month – is an opportunity for organisations and individuals around the world to raise awareness, highlight issues faced by people affected by dementia, and demonstrate collectively how we can overcome them to help people live well with dementia.

In our Dementia 2017 Train the Trainer course, we believe that an essential aspect of being able to make a difference, is understanding and relating to sufferers; essentially getting our feet in their shoes and attempting to wriggle our toes a bit. Reading stories like Peter’s may be uncomfortable, but it is the sort of discomfort we may well all experience in our families and social circles.

There are so many misunderstandings and manipulated statistics around regarding the condition, and we also take a good, fearless look at these, and what we can learn from, and in spite of them. Our courses are delivered with integrity, compassion, and empathy, and can be tailored to suit any level of knowledge or care.

If you are concerned that you, or somebody close to you is suffering, please contact the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122.