With eyesight generally being the sense that people fear losing the most, Vision Matters have been promoting National Eye Health Week for the last few years.

The success of NEHW 2016 year saw an estimated 39% of UK adults come into contact with some form of information regarding eye health – and up to 17 millions Brits were made aware of the National Eye Health Week brand.

In fact, such was the success of the promotion that the social and regular media scope of the project provided sufficient opportunity for every person in the UK to see a piece of the coverage at least twice.

And on the back of this successful campaign, Vision Matters are doing it all again, from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 September. Part of the plan behind National Eye Health Week is to make people more aware of the early symptoms of sight loss, and the preventable nature of the degenerative condition through simple lifestyle changes and choices.

Encouraging sight tests – which can also detect conditions such as glaucoma, and highlight signs of diabetes, NEHW is promoting the importance of eye health for all. Early detection of such conditions, through a simple test, could help people to avoid becoming one of the 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss.

For information on eye health, the Vision Matters website is full of useful, helpful information – including basic personal tests that anybody can take to assess their eye health (alongside their regular visit to the optician, of course!).

Throughout their website, we also have access to notable NEHW events taking place in specific areas of the country, as well as local and national organisations taking part in and supporting the cause.

At Hygia, we are all about sharing information, in the hope of making a difference to lives. Events and appeals like NEHW give us all the opportunity to enhance personal and community knowledge, and help to positively affect lives. Our accredited training courses are opportunities to learn, re-train, and continue to share information of the utmost importance, to those who need it the most.