Menopause – Embracing Everyday Awareness

Medicine has yet to catch up with the experience of women living through the menopause. Most women will experience symptoms, but for some it can silently disrupt, and even destroy their lives. Marriages can be damaged, ruining relationships at home and in the workplace.

This introductory session is designed to lift the lid on the experience of women through the menopause. Together, we will dispel common myths, nail down essential anatomy and physiology, and give us a starting point to provide practical, effective support, both in our homes, and at work.




  • Interactive taught session


  • 1 Complete Day


  • Each Training Day will be 7 hours minimum contact time.


Who should attend?

Men and women who work with women is the glib answer, but all of us will encounter women whose experience can be improved. When our own understanding of the Menopause is better, we become equipped to encounter challenging situations and those difficult conversations.

What’s in it for me?

You will be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of the menopause as experienced by women in 2018.

Introduced to the core treatments offered and the current medical support available, you will have an awareness of what research is underway and what the future may bring.

The ability to remind yourself of the communication skills you have developed and go on to demonstrate the required dexterity to provide effective and practical support to the women in your life affected by menopause.

You will be ready to better engage and develop your understanding. You will be able to confidently support those around you, with the needs of women experiencing the menopause.

Course bookings please call: 07734 847 807