Care Practitioner

Now is a fantastic opportunity to develop the role of the Care Practitioner. Bridging the gap between experienced senior carer and qualified nurse is an emerging new role whose time has come.

The Health and Social Care landscape is changing. It is pressurised and under scrutiny in a time of apparent recession. Resources are scarce and nurses are arguably becoming an endangered species. Even a cursory look around will reveal how the NHS and the Health and Social Care sector as a whole are having to switch gears and develop strategies to meet the immediate need of those in our care.

When we look about us, one of the obvious solutions is to better equip already knowledgeable and experienced, often loyal, carers with an enhanced skill set. The Enhanced Care Practitioner offers them an opportunity at role extension, and care providers with established,  underpinning care standards.




  • Interactive taught sessions with Coursework & Ongoing Assessment


  • 8 days initially

  • Bespoke, depending on Care Provider Requirements


  • Each Training Day will be 7 hours minimum contact time

    Detailed coursework is required along with assessment for each element


Who should attend?

The Enhanced Care Practitioner course is designed for carers, from any speciality who, have the desire to step up to another llevel. Anyone who wants to enhance or extend their own role and develop the skills required; from clinical observation to taking blood, essential wound-care or catheterisation.

What’s in it for me?

This is a programme with an existing track record where employers and practitioners have been able to give feedback on what they have found is in it for them:

As a carer this course provides a vocational platform that you work with every day and you are familiar with.It speaks your language and shows you a way up and out of the frustration of not being able to do more.

As an employer, this is an immediate and long-term solution to staff shortages and the skills deficit your organisation may currently be experiencing. The programme will enable you to develop a career pathway that underpins your ethos of care.

As a consequence of Care Practitioner opportunities within the workplace, Managers have found it reinvigorating the clinical skills of their nurses and with an increased focus on care management and mentoring skills.

It incentivises existing skilled, experienced and loyal senior carers, increasing retention of valued carers and nurses with an overall reduction in staff turnover.

The Care Practitioner programme is allowing nurses to lead clinical care and influence care delivery more effectively. This clearer focus is giving care providers an increased capacity to take on more complex clinical care packages where there are increased levels of dependency

The programme is run through an established and respected training provider. It is one of only 2 in the UK accredited as an approved Partner with the National Skills Academy (Health) and hold the Skills for Health Quality Mark.

If you only want to be a better senior carer this course can do that. If you even just for a minute allow yourself to believe that you can go on to be a qualified nurse, this is the place to start.

Course bookings please call: 07734 847 807