Care Certificate

Effective Induction Training 2018:
With a track record of delivering this course since the inception of the care certificate itself, there is no other training delivery that we as trainers get as much out of and arguably no other course that delegates appreciate more.

This training will equip participants with all of the mandatory training and certification required to begin their career in health and social care.




  • Interactive taught sessions and practical with Coursework & Ongoing Assessment


  • 5 to 7 Days depending on The Bespoke Requirements of the Care Provider


  • Each Training Day will be 7 hours minimum contact time.
    Detailed coursework is required along with assessment for each element.


Who should attend?

Essentially this course is the platform for entry level carers, whatever their background, experience or lack of it.

What’s in it for me?

As an employer, the carer who completes this course will be ready to start work form day one and begin the real business of learning how to care for someone to the standard you require.

As a new carer, this programme will give you the underpinning knowledge and essential skills to move your career forward to the level you aspire to.

Delegates will complete the Full Day First Aid and Manual Handling of People courses and receive individual certificates for both.

Carers will be able to take and record pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate and temperature and escalate any concerns using the national early warning score.

The 15 standards of the care certificate are embedded in the programme and provide the course with its structure. This enables us to introduce subject specific sessions from Diabetes and Dementia through to Sleep, Sleep Apnoea and any other tailored content you require, with each subject carrying its own certification.

Mental health awareness is integral to the core programme and more obviously the mental health and learning disability incarnations of the award.

Next level communication is a requirement in nursing at all levels and the ability to engage with people, begin to understand our behaviour and theirs and how we adapt in difficult situations and in conflict is pursued throughout the course.

There is an opportunity for carers to undertake essential personal safety and breakaway training as an enhancement to effective de-escalation and conflict resolution content.

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