4 DAY Train the Trainer – Dementia

4 Day Train the Trainer to teach change and quality of life in Dementia.

The experience of people with dementia has to change, get better, improve. That won’t happen by accident, or in a vacuum. We are looking to inspire individuals to be part of that movement, to make a difference. Teaching offers a platform and opportunity to overcome pre-conceptions and even your own issues, there is no ‘them’ and no one is coming to the rescue. So best get started. Now.




  • Interactive taught sessions with Coursework


  • 4 Complete Days


  • Each Training Day will be 7 hours minimum contact time.

    How the 4 days is structured, can however be up to you


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn how to better interact and engage with other people and the experts by experience who have Dementia. Whether you are a care professional or someone’s family.

What’s in it for me?

You will be able to identify the core disease processes behind the neurological impairment and more importantly begin an understanding of the key ways your brain works and how that influences how we behave.

Develop a foundation of skills that will allow you to begin to interpret some of the everyday behaviour we have and we encounter, as well as factoring personal history and essential personality to ease the tension and enhance the care.

This course will also equip you with a foundation qualification to enable you to introduce the cultural change needed to positively impact lives, through teaching and the influence increased knowledge brings to families and carers.

You will be provided with the practical core resources you need to create your own training sessions and ongoing support to enable others to better understand the people we care for.

Course bookings please call: 07734 847 807